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SECURE Himalaya project 


Project Details

Client : United Nations Development program, India
Deliverable : Merchandise Branding for The SECURE Himalaya

The SECURE Himalaya project was an initiative to raise awareness for snow leopard habitats and securing livelihoods in the Himalayan region. One of the key events, Snow Leopard Day, presented a  challenge, to design aesthetically pleasing yet functional materials that could reach a diverse audience, including the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department, local communities, and higher government authorities.

Skills and Experience Demonstrated

Through meticulous attention to detail and effective collaboration with the team,| played a pivotal role in visually representing the SECURE Himalaya project, facilitating engagement, and driving awareness about critical conservation efforts in the region.


Illustrations in Focus
The designs showcase 6 unique
species living in the Himalayan habitat

snow leapord.png
himalayan ibex.png
himalayann mondl.png
westernn tragopan.png
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