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Sahanna Narasimhan



About and Experience

Before I talk about my Project I want to share my experience!

My Experience has been life changing. I got a whole new perspective on my interests and likes. I fell in love drawing landscapes and Animals!.

I got to experience different cultures , cuisines and I also met some interesting people.

Just lying down in the mountains and drawing whatever comes to mind and going to the Nicholas Roerich museum to study paintings has helped take my work to a higher level and has helped me to understand myself.

As a part of my College Final year Internship - with Srishti Films , I created 6 illustrations for SECURE Himalaya for their visual merchandise branding.


Secure Himalaya is a GEF Funded, UNDP project

aiming to Secure livelihoods , conserve wildlife and the sustainable restoration of high range Himalayan ecosystems.


A Red Fox in the Himalaya

One of the most memorable moments during my trip to Pangi Valley was when I spotted a red fox. I then immediately pictured this drawing. 

I made this piece after visiting the Nicholas Roerich museum. 

I was very moved by his use of forms and colour perspective, so I wanted to play with the greens and bring in a sense of colour perspective!

redfox final.jpg


India Biodiversity Awards 2021 Film-

My Role : Category Icon Illustrator

I worked on the Award Category Icons Illustration for this Film. This was the first time I worked on Illustrations for a Film, so It was interesting to figure out how to mix an illustrative style with a moving image.

View the Film Below!


Visual Outputs

The 6 primary animal Illustrations are of the Himalayan snow Leopard , Himalayan Ibex, Western Tragopan , Himalayan Wolf Himalayan Monal and Himalayan Brown bear.

I've also created a series of environment drawings as a reflection of my experience.

These Illustrations were used in banners and other merchandise for workshops and events.  


Snow Leopard wall graphic

Snow leopard wall Graphic at the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department , INDIA.  The Stencil was a fabric print  6Ft x 3ft big  and cut by hand Manually



Scenic Pangi Valley

I love drawing Landscapes! 

I love inking textures, finding forms and bringing in a good perspective.

Pangi is so beautiful and I am so happy to have visited a place that ended up inspiring most of my artwork in a significant way.

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