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About Me


Hello there, I'm Sahana - a recent MA  Illustration graduate from the University of Edinburgh.

Welcome to my creative sanctuary! 

This is where I draw and express my love and care for the beautiful and diverse biosphere.

I have refined my skills over the past few years, blending colors and techniques to make my own magic.

My family, my dog and peaceful moments with coffee and creativity are the simple joys at the heart of my world. For me, these moments depict the intricate connections between everything in life, inspiring me to spread love and make a positive impact wherever life takes me. 


I envision a world where all beings live peacefully in coexistence, bridged by happiness. I have committed myself to supporting wildlife,  it's conservation and environmental stewardship through art & design.


Although I have specific interests, I believe that adaptability is everything. I believe that every purpose and passion, big and small, is important in its own way. I’m currently immersed in the world of video games and the endless possibilities and ideas they possess. The excitement and joy of learning and discovering something new and inspiring is unending. 

I'm currently working on an NFT Art project, where I'm creating a whimsical world for cute kaiju's.

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